The dark faces

The shadows we create in the dark, The portraits we hide from, The faces we wear in the crowd, to pretend, to live and to survive one more day. A Face in the Crowd


A game that struck the chord

4 seconds on the clock...3 points to tie the game.. Outside the perimeter, ball was in the left hand... Left to right crossover and a bounce to the right side with a forward movement... The guard startled by the crossover moved to right... Arresting the rightward momentum, again a crossover to the left... With the... Continue Reading →

Puzzled by loss.

Mother was there, just empty, like all the grief abandoned her, Elder Brother screamed like he wants to be heard by the whole world, Younger one, his world was shackled, for a wordsmith as he was, silenced. The little sister though, 3 years old then, not knowing the concept of death , by seeing her... Continue Reading →

DSLR: Here we come.

I almost lost my sanity when I was buying a DSLR(Digital single lens reflex camera) for the first time, back then I didn't even know the full form of DSLR. What was I thinking, a wide range of options, interchangeable lens, unfathomable factors. So here I write the the factors that should be considered every... Continue Reading →

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