1550 miles to Himalaya and 18 miles to a beach.

That is the approximate distance from my home town to these places, 1550 miles to Himalayan range and 18 miles to the nearest beach.

When I wear my thinking hat and thought about everything under the moon and stars, I differentiate the mountains and beaches with an emotion. If my education gave me any wisdom, that will be being happy and being self-content is two different things.

When I was in Himalaya, wandering and trekking through a minuscule trail in a sea of mountains, awe struck by the way the whole landscape changes in summer and the way those terrains brings the bright hues in spring and again goes down to gray and mushy in winters, I always felt self-content

Aru valley Massif
IMG_20170913_114531-3 (2)
Patlasu peak trek, Solong Valley
Beas Kund glacier Trek, Manali, Himachal pradesh, India


And when I was in a beach, lying in a shade of hot red sun, getting that salty breeze those tides form always bring joy and happiness.


Isn’t it odd to pick a one favorite place when this mother nature has offered views that will make you stop in your tracks and take the longest breath you can possibly breath.

For more images;- Myriad Pixels instagram

Favorite Place

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  1. Beautiful photos, I would love to hike in the Himalayas, I live in BC Canada so will settle for the Rocky Mountains. I Know what you mean, picking a favorite place is impossible for me… I love the mountains, the meadows, the beach and even the city…

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